Video Marketing: When Gimmicks Work

video marketing gimmicks

I woke up this morning to find this video in my newsfeed. And of course I watched because the headline was: Customers freak out when the floor disappears, but mostly because it’s The North Face. We’ve all become jaded when it comes to branded content because it’s hard to pull it off well as is […]

The Anxiety of the Climb and Thrill of the Accomplishment


It was the morning of the mountain bike ride I’d been wanting to do for years and I was sick to my stomach with fear. Picture a perfect September day with three girlfriends. Seven Summits Trail, an IMBA rated epic, 23 miles of single track through BC, Canada wilderness up to and along a ridge […]

How To Be a Better Writer: specifics and your delete button

better storytelling

When a catastrophe takes the lives of many hundreds or thousands of people, there is a reason the news outlets dig into the personal stories of those affected (other than their need to sensationalize): Specifics tell a far more powerful story than generic numbers. This morning, a pedestrian bridge crashed on a highway, and “one […]

“Enjoy everything about life every day”


I sat in the hair chair enduring the salon small talk wondering how I can tactfully redirect the stylists gesturing hands back onto my head to get the task at hand done. The conversation soon shifted to the neighboring stylist (and owner of the salon) and her client. The owner was complaining that she didn’t […]

Take The Mystery Out Of Your Brand Story


In the land of brand storytelling, the endings are happy ones. Even better: When your audience knows the ending before they start. That’s why I like to speak in the language of outcomes. Your buyers want to know what is going to happen when they do business with you. It’s a powerful and important way of telling your brand story. […]

If You Love Your Marketing, Set It Free

set your marketing free

It’s hard to let go of our babies. Kids, dogs, pets…. our brands. What happens if we turn our backs for a minute? Will they fall? Will they make a bad decision? What if I’m not there for a split second to make sure everything goes as it should? We can’t always be there to defend our brands […]

What To Look For In Your Google Analytics


Are you looking at your analytics regularly? And I mean weekly if not daily? More importantly, When you look at them, do you know what to look for and what kind of action to take? Do you know what to ignore and how to keep the data stream manageable so you don’t spiral into analysis […]

The Art of Productive Daydreaming


It might not be terribly smart of me to confess it’s August and I’ve had a hard time getting my head into work. (Some of you are my clients, after all, and perhaps that’s not very comforting to hear.)  I spent much of Wednesday in airports and airplanes; something I’ve always enjoyed because I get a […]

Stop Ignoring Most Of Your Target Market


You have a larger audience than you think and you might be ignoring a big percentage of it. They are out there, in many stages of readiness to purchase. Some have done business with you, will return and tell others how great you are. Others are ready to buy from you or are thinking about […]

What To Do When Good SEO is Beating Good Business

good seo beating out good business

If you were to do a search for a video production company in the Bay Area on a search engine, your results would show video production companies that are good at SEO, not necessarily good at video production. It’s frustrating. Good SEO often beats good business. Instead, it would make sense to turn to your network for a […]