So You Want To Be A “Thought Leader”


The other day, I came across a LinkedIn Profile with “thought leader” in the bio headline. Aspiring to be a thought leader in the industry is admirable. Saying it about yourself might be less impressive. This is how we sell ourselves our now – by being authoritative on a subject matter or perspective related to […]

Crisis Communications: My Crush on Under Armour’s Response

under armour response

When a reputation crisis surfaces, all eyes are on the alleged “offending party” to see how they will respond or react. It’s often not the actual event that can be the do or die for the brand, but their response the situation. The U.S. Olympic speedskating team voted to change speedsuits from the special ones […]

Being Picky On The Epic Journey

picky on the epic journey

When I was offered a “dream job” in the mountains a little over 10 years ago, I didn’t think twice about jumping at the opportunity. I was scared to leave my home in Seattle, my friends, my good job, my nice condo. But I had known for awhile I was ready to go back to […]

Making Good Things Happen

making good things happen

I love the winter Olympics. I’m especially motivated by the cross country racing, having done my first real nordic race last weekend and now I’m hooked. But Julia Mancuso won my heart tonight when she said this after a surprise bronze medal;her fourth Olympic medal, the most an American female skier has ever won. “The […]

Crescendo Music: The Melted Cheese On Your Content Strategy

show don't tell

I’m not a mom but I know the secret to getting your kids to eat their broccoli: Cover it with melted cheese. Anything tastes delicious with some cheese! The critics’ choice for best Superbowl ad was Budweiser’s Puppy Love based on a “variety of metrics.” I do think it’s very cute and I love animals. […]

Growth Hacking and Newsjacking The Right Way

growth hacking

I like the idea of growth hacking as a logical strategy to get product to market. It assumes an intelligence level in your audience that is too often overlooked with gimmicky and spammy paid ads, or other tactics I’ll talk about in a few paragraphs that seek attention, but don’t really help the buyer to […]

Step Up Your Writing From Snoozefest to Rockstar

tell a better story

There are two kinds of people. There aren’t really but for the context of this post, there are. 1: Those who you enjoy talking to so much, you lose your peripheral vision. In other words, you don’t notice what else is going on the room. People move about, come in, and leave, but you are […]

Your Content: Popular vs. Profitable


Did you survive the holidays? I think I slept the first 12 hours of 2014. Slight exaggeration but only slight. I did the unthinkable after breakfast and settled into the couch by the fire with my book and read for two hours while the rest of the family snored around me. Totally blissfully lazy. I […]

Old Gear, New Year: Duct Tape and Ass Ends Made of Beach Umbrella


I replaced these running shoes in October. Reluctantly. These shoes have taken me on the best running year of my life faithfully taking me up and down mountains and to finish lines in better time than ever before. They’ve carried me through the streets of Boston, Austin, Washington DC, and Phoenix; on the trails around […]

Trying Not To Drop The PR Baton

PR Baton

I’m always fascinated by the follow-up questions I receive when someone asks what I do for a living. I’m in PR with an emphasis on digital communications. I usually wait with anticipation because I always get something good: “Oh, can you manage our Facebook page?” “You’re in advertising!” “Are you in charge of” Another […]