Who Carries Your Basket of Eggs?


Much like you, I imagine, I’m always trying to raise things to the next level. Professionally, personally - whatever it is, it could be better than it is now. I want to be a faster runner so I download apps and training plans, buy a heart rate monitor, and if I could, I’d hire a coach, and […]

Eat Your Peas: And When To Ignore Common Advice

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.42.02 AM

What happens when you close your blog to comments, or shut down your Twitter account? Perhaps some looks like this one. But sometimes we have to eat our peas. And sometimes we get to ignore what everyone tells us to do. I played soccer from fourth to sixth grade and I hated it. I was terrified […]

About That Day I Wanted to Be a Graphic Designer


I’ve been thinking about the small decisions we make and the trajectory of time – how a small decision can take you down a very different path. I don’t know if it’s because Mercury was recently in retrograde and everyone in my circle ignored the common advice not to do anything drastic, or if it’s just a […]

Competition for Attention: Try Seducing Instead of Shouting

lisa at finish

Last summer, I ran a trail race called the Cutthroat Classic. It involved 11 miles and 2,500 feet of elevation gain and believe it or not, I was having the time of my life.  Was moved to tears when I got to the high point because it was all downhill after that. But two miles […]

The Risk and Reward Of Your Content


In her chapter entitled Moral Point of View in Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, Ann Lamott describes formula fiction: Good wins over evil; the guy gets the girl. We (the audience) crave stories and for the most part, like to know that good does win, and that we can find hope and inspiration in […]

How To Track Video Views To Convert Prospects to Buyers

track video views without emailing

Are you using video in your marketing? It’s pretty mesmerizing and effective if done right. And despite what you might think, does not require a big budget. If you are using video, that’s great. Have you ever wanted to track exactly who is watching it so you could follow up? I thought this would be […]

Write Better Headlines Faster By Asking Three Questions

write better headlines faster

Writing headlines can sometimes take me forever. You know that feeling when you’ve finished your first draft of the article and you think the hard part is over? Then, you can’t get to that perfect headline and you end up spending as much time on it as you did writing the piece. Or worse, maybe […]

Three Things GoPro Does To Connect With Audience. That you can do, too.


I trail run regularly with my faithful black lab Pepper and she’s a perfect trail buddy protecting me from wildlife and setting a mean pace. But every now and then she picks up a scent and disappears just out of sight, but not out of earshot. I’ll hear her bark, and she’ll come sprinting back […]

The Worst Kind of Thief

worst kind of thief

When the truck trailer was stolen from outside Patrick’s startup winery, I wasn’t mad for the reasons you’d think. I wasn’t mad for the loss of the trailer. It can be replaced and it didn’t have sentimental value. I was furious because Patrick and his partner work really hard outside of their (more than) full-time […]

Change the World And Still Make it to Your Next Meeting

plant a tree change the world

In her book, Thrive, Arianna Huffington tells the story of her daughter’s fifth birthday. They celebrated with mermaid cake, presents, balloons, and a party. That weekend, when both Arianna and her daughter were volunteering at Children of Mine, a center for children in need, another girl was celebrating her fifth birthday: With a chocolate chip […]