Are You Giving Away Too Much Knowledge?


Can oversharing your expertise cost you business? How much is too much and at what point do we start giving away so much knowledge that our prospects don’t even need to buy from us? Or even worse, our competitors steal our secrets? I don’t fault anyone for asking the question. But it’s the wrong way […]

Why The Marketing Research Phase Matters

why marketing research matters

You eagerly open the cost proposal from your prospective marketing communications agency hoping you’ve finally found your match, only to find a hefty line item (both in budget and in timeline) for research and planning or “discovery.” You immediately think, “We don’t have time for that,” “we don’t have budget for that,” “we know this […]

Sales and Love Affairs: Same thing; different happy endings

sales and love affairs

  A little over 13 years ago, I made a move from Seattle to the small resort town in the mountains where I live now, to run the marketing department of the ski resort. I got here in mid-November, way too late in the ski season cycle to be jumping into my marketing job. Ski […]

The Curse of Irrational Dialogue

irrational dialogue

It seemed much easier to not take that two-week vacation to Japan which is why we decided to cancel the trip about four weeks prior to our departure. Over dinner one evening, we reviewed our combined anxiety levels and all the things we have going on with the three businesses we own between the two of […]

Balancing Ambition And Happiness


  I used to spend a lot time worrying about stuff – stuff like how to be more successful, how to generate more business, how to get a bigger home, go on a grander vacation, have more fun than others. I’d browse Crate and Barrel, West Elm, and Nordstrom catalogs earmarking pages with things I wanted […]

Should You Publish on Medium?

publish on medium

This weekend I published my first story ever on Medium and it became the top story the next day. I’m not going to lie, yesterday was a good day for my ego. I mean, just look at me! But this was an experiment  – should you or should you not publish on Medium? – and I’d […]

Hey! You Got SEO in my Content!


  This past Fall, I learned how much I don’t know about SEO (search engine optimization) and it’s going to change the way we do work here at Big Leap. I was invited to speak at SearchLove in San Diego, organized by the great people at Distilled and while it was attended by CMOs and business owners, […]

Publish and Flourish: Get Organizational Buy-in of Content Marketing


If, as a brand/business, you decide to launch a content marketing or inbound marketing program, or simply a blog (or whatever you choose to call it), for the wrong reasons, it will certainly fail to meet your expectations. Red flags I see, as we begin to engage with clients are questions such as “how soon […]

Marketing Your Brand While You Sleep


Creating your own branded content and having a social presence is great, but the key to growth and expansion of your networks is getting others to talk about you on social media. When this happens, you can be sleeping and people are marketing your brand. I mentioned this recently at a conference: Shine the light […]

Finding Inspiration: May The Muse Be With You

write the vision

I speak daily with CEOs of companies in businesses like machining, and widget manufacturing and financial services. They think they don’t have anything to write about. Their business/industry isn’t “interesting” and they certainly have no desire to write about it even if it were. You’re on deadline to publish something. You find yourself staring at […]